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Filter-Pro Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Filter-Pro offer a full line of Commercial RO System, from 800 gallons per day light , up to 20,000 gpd commercial , and as high as 50,000 gallons per day and larger Industrial RO Systems. For Whole House and commercial applications such as businesses , restaurants consider that RO rating means how much water can be produced by the system in best water conditions and during 24 hour continuous operation. It is typically better to have a storage tank if larger volume or faster recovery is desired....

FiCommersial Type RO System (ARO-300G - ARO-600G)
Commercial Type RO System (ARO-800G)
Water Treatment plant 1500 GPD
Water treatment plant 3000 GPD
Water treatment plant 4500 GDP
Water treatment plant 6000 GDP
Water Treatment Plant 10000 GDP
Water Treatment Plant 140000
Commercial Type Water Filtration System
Industrial Water Treatment Plant
Industrial Water Treatment Plant
Industrial Water Treatment Plant

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